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All the staff of the company follows the spirit of

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Baoding Yusen Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in the production and processing of domestic paper. It's located in Mancheng Daceying Papermaking Industial Zone, Baoding, with very convenient transportation.
After years of efforts, the company has established a modern enterprise system and has developed into a backbone manufacturing enterprise of domestic paper with an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan and an annual production of 150,000 tons. It currently has several cutting-edge high-speed papermaking machines, a series of advanced automatic paper processing equipment, and a group of high-quality modern enterprise management personnel, forming a modern enterprise integrating product development and production & sales. The company focuses on product quality, and strictly implements the national industry standards, being innovative in succession and making development in innovation. Yusen Paper keeps challenging itself in the fierce market competition, perform its industry charm, creating well-known brands like Kangrou, Yusen and Baili as well as more than 80 single domestic paper products. All products are made of imported natural wood pulp, which is clean, white, soft, delicate, hygienic, super flexible, absorbent, easy to break, and easy to degrade.
"Kangrou, Yusen, and Baili" domestic paper is all made of high-quality imported natural wood pulp. And all the links from raw materials selection, pulping and paper processing to product packaging have strict testing, and the quality of all products complies with Grade-A standards, with qualified sanitation standard.
Adhering to the strategy of sustainable development, the company has invested heavily in the introduction of domestic advanced sewage treatment facilities, and used environment-friendly and green papermaking process to reduce water consumption, making it become a green papermaking enterprise in Hebei Province and receiving good social benefits.
The company focuses on product research and development, having received good reviews from a majority of customers. According to the market situation, we have constantly improved the products, and developed new products to meet customer demand. The company adheres to the idea of "enhancing product quality and improving scientific management", having build a good brand image.
Under the spirit of "creating first-class quality and satisfying customer demand", we have adhered to the strategy of environmental protection and sustainable development, strengthened the company cohesion and market competitiveness, and built a new brand image of the company.
"seeking refinement, common ground and innovation" at work, to repay a vast number of friends for their support and love to us.

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